Vivix Slow cellular aging naturally. Help protect and repair DNA.

Aging can be defined as the gradual loss of cellular function.  Every day, our cells are damaged from environmental exposure, diet and stress — and this damage can accumulate over time.

Backed by 5 patents, Vivix contains a proprietary, all natural blend of diverse polyphenols designed to combat free radicals and Slow aging at the cellular level™. Our scientists optimized the combination of different polyphenols to create a this powerful formula to protect DNA from oxidative stress and slow the formation of damaging AGE proteins that can lead to cellular aging.  

  • Protect and repair DNA*†
  • 40% lower rate of telomere shorteningⱡ
  • 13x more powerful than resveratrol alone**
  • Available in liquigels, no refrigeration needed
  • Backed by 5 patents
  • All natural blend of powerful polyphenols
  • Immense antioxidant power
  • Based on muscadine grape – one of nature’s rarest, most potent fruits
  • Patented extraction process preserves bioactive polyphenol

Our patented extraction process concentrates and preserves these bioactive polyphenols from the world’s most potent sources, including the rare muscadine grape

Our commitment to sustainability with Vivix

To ensure eco-friendly use of the muscadine grape, Shaklee has developed a long-term partnership with a family-owned vineyard,  committed to the highest standards of green and sustainable farming.

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MIGRAINE RELIEF: I just wanted to share with you that I’ve taken Vivix for about  2 weeks and noticed that I haven’t had to take my migraine medicine. I have been  suffering with almost daily migraines for the past 5 years. I would even wake up  around 12:00 a.m. and start throwing up. Often, I had to call my parents to care  for my children as I was so sick with pain and nausea, even with the  medications.

I haven’t had to take medicine in at least a week. I have tried  numerous medicines for migraines and even have tried herbal remedies without any  luck. Vivix is amazing. Hopefully it will greatly improve my fibromyalgia also.  I am going to order some for a friend who suffers from cluster headaches. –  Maggie –





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